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4 Inspiration for an outdoor wedding concept at Villa Uluwatu for you

4 Inspiration for an outdoor wedding concept at Villa Uluwatu for you

Carrying a unique concept for special moments is certainly an important thing so that this sacred event is always remembered. Wedding parties are always synonymous with large budgets because there are many preparations that must be done. Starting from decoration, rental places, catering, to souvenirs, it is enough to take up the budget that you have prepared.  Uluwatu wedding venue is one of the venues for the outdoor wedding concept. Let's take a peek at the concept inspiration here!

Inspiration for an outdoor wedding party concept

1. Invitation Chair under a Tree

The concept of a wedding that takes place in the open is a suitable concept in dry season like this. Invited guests can be provided with a seat under a shady tree to create a cool atmosphere. In addition, you can also save costs for renting a tent which continues to increase from time to time. You can also use this concept when you want to carry a wedding theme dominated by brown.

2. Wear Ribbons or Flowers

Creating a cheerful impression indicates that you are a happy married couple. The concept of an outdoor party at villa uluwatu can be combined with colorful ribbons and flower arrangements. These decorations can be installed on the guest chairs so that the invited guests also feel a romantic atmosphere. The cost for this flower arrangement is not too large because it can be handled with plastic flowers and not many guests are invited.

3. Signs

In some weddings, of course, you are often confused about finding a location. This can be overcome by providing a signboard in one of the spots. This board can be made at a very affordable cost because it is made by yourself without the need to order from a vendor or WO. Use cardboard or hard paper then line it to match the color. After that, you can write instructions that match the direction the place is in.

4. Creating a Romantic Atmosphere

Want a romantic atmosphere for your wedding party that you are holding in the outdoor area? Just add a lamp or candle in several important spots, so that the dim atmosphere will be felt. This Uluwatu villa has extraordinary views, such as the clifftop and the waves. A party at night or in the evening fits perfectly with the dim lights so that visitors can share this sacred and romantic atmosphere.

The ceremony to tie the sacred promise between a man and a woman is indeed a very special moment, for both the bride and the family. Therefore, the event must be packaged with a mature concept including choosing the right place. Outdoor parties are currently being chosen with a concept that is able to reduce your budget. Ideas that can be used, namely invitation yamu chairs under the tree, signs, ribbons on the guest chairs, and lights for romance.

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